Maizzle uses PostHTML to transform your HTML.


posthtml-content is used to compile <style> blocks in your Templates with PostCSS.

Use the tailwind attribute on a <style> tag inside a Template:

title: Using Tailwind CSS inside a Template

{% block head %}
<style tailwind>
  a {
    @apply text-blue-500;

  @screen sm {
    .button {
      padding: 10px 20px;
{% endblock %}

Both regular CSS and Tailwind directives are supported.


prevent-widows is used to prevent widow words in your email templates.

Simply add a prevent-widows attribute on any HTML tag, and it will replace the last space in every text node with a &nbsp;.

title: Preventing widow words

{% block template %}
<div prevent-widows>
  <p>Ullamco aliqua labore do proident commodo officia excepteur.</p>
  <p>Reprehenderit dolore deserunt elit reprehenderit cillum nostrud do laborum et.</p>
{% endblock %}