Divider Component

Quickly add horizontal visual dividers to your HTML emails.


The Divider component is defined in src/components/divider.html.

This enables the <x-divider> syntax, which you can use like this:

<x-divider />

You can use it anywhere you'd use a <div>.

Simply using the <x-divider> tag will render a 1px gray horizontal line with 24px of space above and below it.


You can customize the Divider and give it a custom height (line thickness), change its color, and adjust the space around it.


Default: 1px

The default height is 1px, but you can change it with the height prop:

<x-divider height="2px" />


Default: #cbd5e1

Define a custom line color with the color prop. You can use any CSS color value.

If you omit this prop, the Divider will use bg-slate-300 from Tailwind CSS, which is currently set to #cbd5e1.

Let's change the color to red:

<x-divider color="#e53e3e" />

You can also use Tailwind CSS utilities if you prefer:

<x-divider class="bg-rose-500" />


Default: undefined

Add margins to any of the four sides of the Divider, through these props:

  • top
  • right
  • bottom
  • left

For example, let's add 32px to the top and 64px to the bottom:

<x-divider top="32px" bottom="64px" />

Under the hood, the CSS margin property is used, so you can use any CSS unit that is supported in HTML emails.


Default: 24px|undefined

You may add top/bottom or left/right spacing through a single prop:

  • space-y for top & bottom (default: 24px)
  • space-x for left & right (not set by default)

For example, let's add 32px to the top and bottom:

<x-divider space-y="32px" />

Similarly, let's add 24px to the left and right:

<x-divider space-x="24px" />

Other attributes

You may pass any other HTML attributes to the component, such as data-* or id.

Note that non-standard attributes will be ignored by default - you'll need to define them as props in the component if you need them preserved. Alternatively, you can safelist them in your build.components config.


To override Divider styling on small viewports, use Tailwind CSS utilities:

<x-divider space-y="32px" class="sm:my-4 sm:bg-black" />

Outlook note

The root <div> element of the Divider component needs some extra attention for Outlook on Windows, otherwise it will render thicker than intended.

For the Divider to render the visual line as expected in Outlook on Windows too, it should also be styled with mso-line-height-rule: exactly. In Maizzle, this is set globally in the main.html layout so you don't need to worry about it.

However, if you can't use that layout for some reason or are worried that the Outlook-specific CSS in the <head> might be stripped in some situations, simply add it in a style attribute on the tag:

<x-divider style="mso-line-height-rule: exactly;" />

Alternatively, you may also use the mso-line-height-rule-exactly class that is available from the tailwindcss-mso plugin (included in the Starter):

<x-divider class="mso-line-height-rule-exactly" />

Of course, you can also modify src/components/divider.html and add the mso-line-height-rule: exactly CSS rule to the <div> element.


There are other ways to create horizontal visual dividers in your HTML emails, such as using a <table> or an <hr>. Check out our Divider examples for more ideas.

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