Spacer Component

The Spacer component in Maizzle makes it super simple to add consistent, accessible vertical spacing to your HTML emails.


The Spacer component is defined in src/components/spacer.html.

This enables the <x-spacer> syntax, which you can use like this:

<x-spacer height="32px" />

You can use it anywhere you'd use a <div>.

If you need to add space between <tr>, see the Row Spacer example instead.


You can pass props to the component via HTML attributes, to control its height.


Default: undefined

This will define the height of the Spacer.

You may use any CSS unit that you prefer, it doesn't have to be px.

<x-spacer height="1em" />

That will render the following HTML:

<div style="line-height: 1em;" role="separator">&zwj;</div>

If height is omitted, the Spacer will render as <div role="separator">&zwj;</div>, which will render as an empty space that is as high as its parent element's line-height.


Default: undefined

Override the height of the Spacer in Outlook for Windows.

<x-spacer height="32px" mso-height="30px" />

This uses the mso-line-height-alt MSO CSS property to set a custom Spacer height in Outlook for Windows.

Note: for the Spacer to work as expected in Outlook on Windows, it should also be styled with mso-line-height-rule: exactly. In Maizzle this is set globally in the main.html layout, so you don't need to worry about it.

However, if you can't use that layout for some reason or are worried that the Outlook-specific CSS in the <head> might be stripped in some situations, simply add it in a style attribute on the tag:

<x-spacer style="mso-line-height-rule: exactly;" />

Alternatively, you may also use the mso-line-height-rule-exactly class that is available from the tailwindcss-mso plugin (included in the Starter):

<x-spacer class="mso-line-height-rule-exactly" />

Of course, you can also modify src/components/spacer.html and add the mso-line-height-rule: exactly CSS rule to the <div> element.

Other attributes

You may pass any other HTML attributes to the component, such as class or id.

Note that non-standard attributes will be ignored by default - you'll need to define them as props in the component if you need them preserved. Alternatively, you can safelist them in your build.components config.


To override the height of the Spacer on mobile, use the leading utilities in Tailwind CSS:

<x-spacer height="32px" class="sm:leading-4" />
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