Minify Email Code

Use the minify option to trim down the HTML size of your production emails.

Minified email code weighs less in KB, resulting in faster sendouts, faster opens, and bandwidth savings on limited mobile data plans. Every little bit helps 🙂

Additionally, it reduces the risk of Gmail clipping.


module.exports = {
minify: true,


You may configure the underlying html-crush library:

module.exports = {
minify: {
lineLengthLimit: 500,

Checkout the full list of html-crush options.


These are the options that can be passed inside minify:


Type: Number
Default: 500

Maximum line length. Works only when removeLineBreaks is true.

Lines should be no longer than 998 characters, as per RFC 2822.


Type: Boolean
Default: true

By default, code indentation is removed.


Type: Boolean
Default: true

Should line breaks be removed? Maizzle defaults this option to true.


Type: Boolean|Number
Default: false

When set to a number, these are the available options:

  • 0 - don't remove any HTML comments
  • 1 - remove all comments except Outlook conditional comments
  • 2 - remove all comments, including Outlook conditional comments


Type: Boolean
Default: true

CSS comments are removed by default, both in <style> tags and in style="" attributes.


Type: Array
Default: ['</td', '<html', '</html', '<head', '</head', '<meta', '<link', '<table', '<script', '</script', '<!DOCTYPE', '<style', '</style', '<title', '<body', '@media', '</body', '<!--[if', '<!--<![endif', '<![endif]']

When any of given strings are encountered and removeLineBreaks is true, current line will be terminated.

Set to false or null or an empty array to disable.


Type: Array
Default: ['a', 'abbr', 'acronym', 'audio', 'b', 'bdi', 'bdo', 'big', 'br', 'button', 'canvas', 'cite', 'code', 'data', 'datalist', 'del', 'dfn', 'em', 'embed', 'i', 'iframe', 'img', 'input', 'ins', 'kbd', 'label', 'map', 'mark', 'meter', 'noscript', 'object', 'output', 'picture', 'progress', 'q', 'ruby', 's', 'samp', 'script', 'select', 'slot', 'small', 'span', 'strong', 'sub', 'sup', 'svg', 'template', 'textarea', 'time', 'u', 'tt', 'var', 'video', 'wbr']

Some inline tags can accidentally introduce extra text. The minifier will take extra precaution when minifying around these tags.

Set to false, null, or an empty array [] to disable.


const {minify} = require('@maizzle/framework')
const options = {/* html-crush options */}
const html = await minify('html string', options)
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