Markdown starter

This starter allows you to create emails from markdown files.

Simply add your markdown files to src/content, run the build command, and they will be converted to HTML emails using a predefined layout.

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Getting started

Scaffold a new project based on this starter:

npx create-maizzle

In the interactive setup wizard, specify the directory name to create the project in, i.e. ./my-project, select Custom Starter → Markdown, and choose Yes when prompted to Install dependencies.

Next, switch the current directory to my-project:

cd my-project

Start local development:

npm run dev

Build emails for production:

npm run build

Custom layouts

The starter supports custom layouts, which you can add to src/layouts.

The default layout is src/layouts/main.html, but if you want to use a different layout for a specific markdown file, you can add a layout property to its front matter:

layout: secondary
## Custom layout
This email uses a custom layout, defined in `src/layouts/secondary.html`.


See the detailed guide for the Markdown starter here.