Postmark starter

Postmark's transactional email templates, re-built with Tailwind CSS in Maizzle.

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Each template comes in three layout variations: Basic, Basic full, and Plain. This gives you a starting point to customize them to match your brand.

Dark Mode

The templates support dark mode where available.


This starter defines a company object in config.js, so you can quickly update company info in one place:

module.exports = {
  company: {
    name: '[Company Name, LLC]',
    address: `
    <br>1234 Street Rd.
    <br>Suite 1234
    product: '[Product Name]',
    sender: '[Sender Name]',
  // ...

You can preserve the {{ }} curly braces to use with Postmark variables by writing them as @{{ }} in Maizzle - see the docs.

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